How to Avoid Using the Same Stock Models as your Competitors, Easily.

How to Avoid Using the Same Stock Models as your Competitors, Easily.

Product photography and visual campaigns are crucial to creating a reliable brand. Individuals can automatically deem an image as trustworthy and desirable in a matter of milliseconds. A consequence of our brains' working memory is valuing high-quality product images over long descriptions or ratings and reviews. Without the need to shell out thousands on photoshoots and casting the perfect models, stock photos are far more accessible for most budgets, and are fast. We get it — you throw together a landing page in a couple days just to get the job done. But things can go awry, and at best can get awkward.

Cue this mishap of various video conferencing platforms that Twitter user @thejerrylu discovered last month:

As the reality and importance of work-from-home settles, companies like these video platforms have capitalized on the necessity of their products — and have had to quickly build landing pages to meet their new value props. Without photoshoots being held and the imaginable need of quick turnaround for marketing content creation —  they all turned to the same stock photo. All these video-based companies using Monica/Jenny/Amy started to look exactly the same. Seems like we have a new “Everywhere Girl” in the making.

On these video-based platforms’s landing pages, Monica/Jenny/Amy is not some well-networked model, but in fact just Adobe’s happy asian teen girl making a video call to a friend.

The issue: gross overuse of the stock image, especially for competitors, means that customers have a hard time differentiating what they experience on a home page. Brands themselves start to blend in people’s minds, even past it being a quirky déjà-vu moment.

If you use stock photography, do what you can to make it your own. Rosebud not only eliminates the need for you to take your own photos, we give marketers the ability to upgrade stock models into new people altogether, so your business is represented uniquely. Our webapp is even integrated with the Pexels stock photo platform so you can hit the ground running with image generation.

Keep your visual content novel and personalized to your customers, with an easy one click way to up-the-ante on the inexpensive stock photo route. Check it out at! Be assured you will avoid the next "Everywhere Girl" moment.

Changing up stock models in Rosebud in action!
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